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Other Recordings

With Brian Clancy, Volunteer Appreciation Program, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2002
With Brian Clancy, Volunteer Appreciation Program, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2002

CD's, YouTube Videos & Playlists, Facebook, Links

Updated January 22, 2013.  People have been inquiring about CD's for sale, my Facebook pages and the growing number of YouTube videos.  So here are the links you need.

CD's.  I no longer make plastic products.  My two albums are here online for either streaming or download.  Just look in the left column and click on The First Album or Twin Fiddle Favorites.  Payment is by donation.  See the link to the left Paying for Recordings.  You are welcome to burn your own CD's after downloading.

YouTube videos.  There are about 30 videos on YouTube that feature Henry all or in part.  Just click here: www.youtube.com "henry the fiddler"

YouTube Playlists.  There are two YouTube Playlists you will see in the search results.  Playlists allow you to watch a series of videos continuously.  Here are direct links: 
Henry The Fiddler  (about 25 videos, mostly featuring fiddle/violin)
Henry The Fiddler - Musical Saw  (about 5 videos, all musical saw)

Facebook.  Search for Henry T Fiddler.  Direct link is: www.facebook.com/htfiddler.fb

I've added a couple of fiddle instrumentals from Songs From Irish Row .  I appeared on this album with my "Irish pub pickin' partner" Brian Clancy of Denver, Colorado.  We've been playing the pubs all over Colorado since 1998.  Brian is a world class "Irish pub singer".  We've been playing tunes together on and off since we met at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, Kansas, way back in 1971.  You can listen to more samples from this fine album and even buy it if you wish at Brian's website:

Brian Clancy on Irish Row Records

The Rainbow Way (added here April 23, 2005), was recorded live July, 2001 at the Idaho Rainbow Gathering.  It was discovered at this welcomehome.org music page by my fellow Rainbow picker Julia Farver, who just emailed it to me.  I was so blown away by this 6.5 minute recording that I just had to post it here for your enjoyment.  I first heard Pete Seeger do this "multi-part group sing along" of the traditional African tribal chant Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight), as a child growing up in Evanston, Illinois.  A few decades later while singing and fiddling around a huge campfire at the 1979 Arizona Rainbow Gathering, we found ourselves morphing Wimoweh into the Rainbow Way.  It has since been sung often, around the world, as it was on this warm night in early July, 2001 at the "Annual Rainbow Granola Funk Talent Show".  I was having so much fun, I didn't even realize someone was recording.  A fellow Rainbow brother named Tenali made this recording on a Sony Minidisc with a very high quality mike.  If you have a good pair of headphones, try plugging them into your sound card, turn up the volume, close your eyes and join us!  Also, on March 8, 2008, this Rainbow Way mp3 was made into a YouTube slide show.  You'll find it embedded down at the bottom of this page!


Other Recordings, MP3 sound files:

Number                   Title Time Megs
1  Dancing Bear/Tarbolton Reel 3:14 2.2
2  Fisher's Hornpipe/Morpeth Rant/Nine Points of Roguery 3:13 2.2
 Rainbow Way, 2001 Idaho Rainbow Gathering

Special bonus: 1 minute YouTube videos with Brian!

Little Beggarman

Mason's Apron

Tarbolton Reel

Here's the Rainbow Way at YouTube.  Click here to go to the YouTube page, where you can watch it full screen:

Henry & G-Funk theatre - Rainbow Way (Wimoweh)

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